A recap of the July Democratic debates in Detroit.

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One thought on “Podcast: A Berning in Motown – Democratic Debate Recap

  1. Geez, better wake up. Liz is FAUXgressive, only has Bernie’s back for NOW, never supported his issues before. If Bernie picked Liz as VP he will be assassinated.

    Warren sides with Israel, defended them shelling schools and hospitals, votes for wars and war money, is NOT for real healthcare for all (wants to keep the corruption scam of ‘privatization’ going), and is putting out watered down versions of superior plans, which she still would NOT fight for!
    She did not stand up for Standing Rock, did NOT call for charges against criminal bankers, and so much more. Grandstanding and fingerwagging is what she does to dupe as many voters as possible.
    I despise her charade like I despised Kamala Harris doing her forceful lies, and saw people duped until Tulsi murdered her on national television.


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