Anis Shivani, novelist, author, and freelance writer for Salon, Alternet, Common Dreams, Raw Story, and elsewhere, joins us to discuss his latest piece which predicts a Trump 2020 victory and explains what liberals miss about his appeal.

Listen below:

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3 thoughts on “Podcast: What Liberals Get Wrong About Trump, and Why 2020 Looks Like a 2016 Repeat. – w/Anis Shivani

  1. The Democratic party losing its focus on the working class in favor of the “corporate class” is the real problem and the campaign finance laws only encourage more of that. We must end superdelegates and overturn Citizen’s United or I don’t see anything changing.


    1. And I have to add I think “Neoliberal left” is an oxymoron. Neoliberals are center or center-right but not the least bit left.


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