#DemExit: A Democrat’s Guide To Why Millions Are About To Change Their Registrations.

by Russell Dobular

Personally, I believe in democracy.  I believe that given accurate information and the necessary education to process it, a majority of people will correctly discern their own best interests and vote accordingly.  But that’s very different from the situation that we have in America.  What we have is a generation raised on the internet and born into an America coming apart in the wake of 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis, and now a global pandemic, doing its own research and mostly tuning out official narratives, in conflict with an older generation that mistakes Anderson Cooper for Edward R. Murrow, and doesn’t seem to understand, or even want to understand, that the America they knew is long gone.  For the latter, Joe Biden is familiar and comforting.  For the former, his nomination is a cruel joke and in many ways a gob of spit in the eye of the people who are going to live with the consequences of his past policies the longest. 70% of voters under 50 voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries.  Sev-en-ty percent.  While much has been made on the op-ed pages of Biden’s demographic coalition, that coalition is a mirage.  The single greatest predictor of Biden’s support isn’t race or gender or socio-economic status; its age.  Old people took their cues from cable news and party leadership, while younger people tuned those voices out.  Unfortunately, the elderly are much more reliable voters than the young, and as a result, Biden is on the verge of becoming the party’s nominee.  But the nature of Biden’s geriatrically driven victory raises an obvious question: if young people didn’t come out in large numbers to support a candidate they were passionate about, what makes you think they’re going to come out on Election Day to cast a ballot for Joe Biden?  For this reason alone, Biden is very likely to lose to Trump, with or without a formal #demexit.

Democrats seem to live in a fantasy world in which everything we know about human psychology and voter behavior can be suspended with the simple argument, “This candidate is better than (fill in the Republican), so you must vote for them.”  If voters behaved that way in real life, Hillary would be the President right now.  And Hillary was FDR in a pantsuit compared to Biden.  If you’ve been running around attributing opposition to HRC from the left to sexism, you really don’t understand the left.  Hillary’s gender was one of the few things a progressive could hang their hat on to justify voting for her.  At least it would set a precedent.  At least it was something.  With Joe Biden there is zero rationale other than “better than Trump.”  And that’s just not the potent argument that a lot of VBNW types think it is.  Joe Biden is so bad, nominating him feels kind of like a double-dog-dare.  It’s as if Democratic consultants and donors got together and decided to find out how bad a candidate would have to be to lose to Donald Trump a second time, and Joe Biden was what they came up with.  You may not know a lot about his record now, but you will once The Donald begins to exercise his singular gift for controlling the media narrative.  There’s not one accusation that can be thrown at Trump, from sexual harassment, to dishonesty, to nepotism, to racism, to crony capitalism, that can’t be turned back on Biden.  Sure, Trump is worse on all counts, but not by much, and when Biden lies about getting arrested trying to meet Nelson Mandela, or about his civil rights activism, you can be sure Trump isn’t going let it pass like Bernie Sanders did.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Pretty much everything Biden said in the DC debate was a lie.  But you’ll find that out soon enough when he’s facing an opponent who doesn’t go out of his way to describe him as his “friend” every five minutes.

Those are just some of the reasons why Biden will probably lose to Trump.  There are many others, including his melting brain, that I haven’t gotten into because I know the propaganda machine has programmed VBNW voters to stop listening as soon as anyone points out his dementia symptoms.  And no one is really thinking yet about how much of a gift having an opponent who helped pass the bank-friendly 2008 bailout is going to be for Trump, who is on the verge of sending everyone in America making under $99,000 a year, a check, probably the first of several.  But it is my intention here to help people understand why this is happening, which I can’t do if they’re all raged out on Jennifer Rubin columns.  So, what follows is a brief explanation and summary of what the last five years have looked like from the left’s point of view.

Most Sanders voters that I know, if they were old enough, voted twice for Barack Obama and were at one time just like you: hardcore Democratic partisans, who accepted the political wisdom of the Times editorial board as the “smart take.”  Then 2016 happened, and for a lot of those people, the underlying assumptions they held about pretty much everything in the political realm were shattered by the way the primary was conducted.  Without relitigating that whole nightmare, let’s just focus on where the left went one way, and VBNW went another: if you experienced those primaries through the lens of the Sanders campaign, the core belief that the only thing holding back progressive change was the Republicans, was made completely untenable, along with the accompanying belief that corporate media outlets had sympathies that could truly be considered “left,” or even “objective.”  Once you no longer believe those things, and your political world isn’t defined by a struggle between good Democrats and evil Republicans, but by a class war between working people and wealthy elites, you’ve already left the Democratic party for all intents and purposes.  After that, keeping your registration in order to vote for progressive primary challengers is just a formality.  Functionally, you’ve already become an independent.

Now, flash forward to 2020.  Once again, Bernie Sanders is running, only this time his base of support is largely made up of people who only continue to be Democrats in order to use the party machinery to affect progressive change. And a lot of them would have left the party already, if it wasn’t for Sanders signaling to his supporters after 2016 that changing it from within was the way to go.  So, once again, they donate, they advocate, they canvass, and they phone bank.  And while they’re doing all of these things, they’re being called “brownshirts,” dirtbags,” and “Bernie Bros.”  They keep their heads down anyway and win the first three contests.  It looks like this time is going to be different.  They start to think that Democratic voters themselves have finally woken up and realized that rich pundits and consummate douchebags like Rahm Emanuel are the last people they should be listening to about “electability.”  And then Biden wins SC by overwhelming numbers.  Smelling blood in the water, the Democratic party establishment immediately coalesces around the most retrograde, least progressive candidate in the field, and executes a Monday night massacre on the eve of Super Tuesday that is breathtaking in its efficiency.  And just like that, it’s over.  So, what do you think a group of voters who were only Democrats of convenience at the start of the contest are going to do after months of being unfairly maligned and insulted by the same people who pulled out all the stops to make sure their candidate couldn’t win? Are they going to decide to suck it up and vote for a candidate they despise who’s running on the ticket of a party they are no longer a part of in any meaningful way, or are they going to conclude that Sanders’ project of reforming the party from within has been a failure and walk away?  This isn’t a moral question, it’s a psychological one.  You just can’t treat voters that way and not expect there to be fallout, much less voters who weren’t particularly connected to your party in the first place.

Another factor is the way that Democrats bend over backwards to court “moderate” voters and “Never Trump” Republicans, believing it to be the surest path to electoral victory.  Aside from the fact that there’s no evidence to support this theory, and a lot of evidence to refute it (quick, name one Democratic candidate billed as “safe,” and “electable,” who actually won the election.  I’ll wait), it also lays down the philosophical framework for a #demexit.  If Democrats only seem to care about winning the votes of people whose votes aren’t guaranteed, and you’re trying to move the party ideologically, eventually it’s bound to occur to you that not being a Democrat is a pretty sweet deal.  No one seems to vote-shame those independents and moderates.  Indeed, when a Democrat loses, the blame is often directed at the party and the candidate for not doing enough to appeal to them.  It is the unique privilege of the left to be held personally responsible for Democratic losses.  Never will you see Jake Tapper sadly hang his head, sigh, and regretfully inform his viewers that the candidate didn’t do enough to reach out to the left.  That there’s what they call in the news biz, “framing.”  And the left is tired of getting framed for the losses of a party that’s done everything they can short of directly saying, “please don’t vote for us,” to drive them out.

So, now that you understand what’s happening and why, the best thing to do going forward would be to think of the left the same way you’ve been trained to think of independents and moderates: as swing voters who you want to persuade, rather than as Democrats who owe you their votes.  Even though I hate to give that ravening psychopath a shout out, Gwyneth Paltrow has contributed a phrase to the culture that’s relevant here: conscious uncoupling.  The left is now an ex that you want to maintain good relations with, and with whom you still need to coordinate visitation rights.  So, next time you want to sit down at your keyboard and start spewing about Bernie Bros, take a second and think, “Is this going to make it easier to negotiate with my ex, or harder?”  Then take a breath, and try to come up with an argument for voting blue that doesn’t involve Donald Trump, because I gotta tell ya, that really doesn’t impress the ex.  Its one of the reasons they left you in the first place.  Try to talk instead about your own admirable qualities.  And when they point out things like how you held primaries in the middle of a pandemic in order to secure the nomination for your preferred candidate, try not to gaslight them.  Listen, and consider that they might have a point, and think about what you can do to improve the relationship.  You’re never getting back together, but you might be able to coordinate on certain projects and in certain elections.  How that plays out from here is going to depend largely on your behavior.  Are you going to consciously uncouple, or are you going to be the psycho ex screaming, “Vote Blue No Matter Who,” outside the window at 3AM, until someone calls the cops?  How you choose is going to largely determine where we go from here.  My money is on a Fatal Attraction kinda dynamic, but trust me, if you think the break-up is bad, you really don’t want to see the restraining order.

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Author: russelldobular

Will be out in 5-10.

42 thoughts on “#DemExit: A Democrat’s Guide To Why Millions Are About To Change Their Registrations.”

  1. Sorry, but young folks don’t get to do this anymore. Second time Bernie ran; second time millennials didn’t put him over the finish line. In 2019 millennials were projected to outnumber boomers, and some percentage of boomers voted for Bernie. So if millennials came out in the numbers expected, why didn’t he win? That 70% is the number who voted, but how many didn’t? And please don’t blame the party or the msm. They influence the people who pay attention to them. I am told millennials don’t pay attention. It’s one thing to grumble when you don’t have a candidate who represents you in the race. When you do, and he doesn’t win, it means more people came out to vote for the other guy. If anything, it’s progressive boomers like myself who should be griping. You had us believing we could do this together.

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    1. It was all Fraud and Rigging. The DNC is a farce and if people can watch the debate and still vote for Biden they are definitely voting for Identity Politics


    2. Young people vote less than old, which is a pattern which existed even when the Boomers got the vote at 18 in the 70’s (millennials actually vote at higher rates than Boomers did at the same age).

      There’s a variety of factors in that, but pretending this is some unique failing of THESE young people is just willful ignorance.


      1. It’s not that these young people have uniquely failed, somehow. It’s just that, whether they failed uniquely or not, their votes were not enough to put Sanders into a winning position. Whether they uniquely failed or not, Joe Biden is still the guy with the most votes. When November comes around, it won’t matter if it’s some unique failing of these young people or whether it’s a general failure of young people in general–if people don’t show up to vote, Trump will win again.


      2. Yeah, it was us Boomers who got the vote for 18 yo’s, worked in the civil rights movement, ended the draft and the Viet Nam War, passed the EPA, started Earth Day, fought for women’s rights, and a hundred other things most millennials never heard of, or apparently care about. They had a chance to elect a true progressive which they claim they want, but can’t even manage to get out and vote for what they supposedly believe in. Too much entitlement and not enough commitment to perform their minimum democratic duty. Tell me, millennials, what have you done to make the world better lately?

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    3. Before SC, Biden declared he would contest the nomination if he lost in delegates for a low margin. Now, that he is on top, the discourse is to unite and support the winner


    4. I wanted Warren – I think she was actually the most capable Progressive we have. I’m not happy with Biden either and Biden desperately needs to take steps to bring progressive values in because frankly we have had it with folks looking down their nose at us – sign me a progressive boomer.

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    5. Bernie voters getting blamed for Hillary not winning. She had beat trump with the popular vote… Right? And when Hillary didn’t get the super delegates in 2008, those voters were exactly where we have been today.

      Vote blue no matter who? Nah, I am out, and I had no intentions of even voting in 2016. Then Bernie came along, I Researched him, I looked at what he had done. It isn’t his fault American voters were to stupid to back him then, to think how better off we would have been. When he got shafted at the convention, it was his voice I listened to, as he did the right thing, throwing his support to Hillary. I researched her, actualky grew up with her and husband leading this country. Found nothing but a rise in right wing, BS, accusations, from people we see on tv today.., like Kelly Anne Conway. And her sad sack husband.

      I am not voting for Biden, I will vote my heart. I voted blue no matter who last time, and Even tho Hillary had 3 million more votes. She lost. Even if I voted for Biden, he is gonna have more votes, but still lose.

      So if at least I vote my heart, people will know the actual numbers of who didn’t fall in Line with the voters. Like they did when they back Obama over Hillary.

      Establishment Dems look more and more like Establishment Republicans… Just sayin’

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    6. I dont care if you’re a progressive boomer or not, but you still have the us vs. them mentality regarding the millennial generation that is only contributing to the divide. This article points out that the DNC failed progressives in 2016, and it will only continue to do so as its primary goal to maintain the status quo. For this, the younger generations have no faith in current politics or media, and this certainly extends to the Democratic Party. You still believing in the Democratic Party and thinking millennials are the problem is exactly why we continue to have centrist policy (and, essentially, the entire point of this article).


    7. I don’t blame young people. I’m 61 years old and joined the Dem party to vote for Carter in 1976. Voter turnout has always been mediocre, including in 2016 when DT (of all people) was the opponent against the absolute star Dem Queen. The Dem party has been losing members for 30 years and refuses to ask the real questions as to why. Since 1980 only 2 Dem candidates have won the General: Clinton and Obama, who both ran as agents of “change.” The first brought “neoliberalism” that killed Glass-Steagall, ushered in private prisons, and embraced the corporate state. The second was offered as the real deal, though is campaign was financed by Wall Street. He had a lot of mess to clean up, yet let torturers, war criminals and Wall Street banksters walk free without even a slap on the wrist. In fact he retained one of the biggest wolves, Geithner as Treasury Sec. Despite his campaign rhetoric and finger pointing at all the right enemies, he started 5 more bombing campaigns besides the two he inherited. He sold nearly $200B (that’s a B) worth of arms to the Saudis, spied on his own citizens as well as assassinating 2 without due process. Etc. And then had the gall to elevate HRC –whom he’d thoroughly thrashed in the 2008 campaign– as “the most qualified Prez candidate in history”. The curtain has been pulled back, and the gig is up. If I were young again watching these last 15 years of a train wreck, I’m not sure I would watch Rachel Maddow, Wolf Blitzer or Brian Williams either, much less trust a word they say. I’d be looking at my future and do my best to work around the status quo and not be an enabler to it. I’d wonder how the generation(s) before me allowed this to happen.


    8. I implore you to look at how the primaries are handled for the past two elections. Look at exit polls and look at the voter suppression happening. Its rigged


    9. Sorry, but you don’t get to determine what people do and don’t get to do. I’m a boomer and former Bernie delegate to the 2016 Democratic Convention in Texas, where i witnessed the dirty, dirty politics employed by Hillary people and the Party. in the halls and in Committees. All of the Bernie delegates were as old as me or older and so were the great majority of folks there to support Bernie. It’s not at all young people leaving the Party.

      After the Hillary debacle in 2016, the Party clearly learned nothing and doesn’t want to, which they are demonstrating now, even after losing enough voters so that they are now tied in numbers with the GOP, after years of being greater in number. They have been moving to Wall Street’s big money and the Right at least since Bill Clinton, right through Obama and into Hillary and now Joe Biden. all Right Lite neoliberals working to end representation of the Left.

      The Party cheated and lied in 2016 and if you think the great number of “irregularities” in every single state so far, are coincidence or accident, that is just beyond foolish or willfully ignorant of the situation.. The Party very literally told a court they owed voters no fair process and they are giving none, even going against their own code of conduct.

      People are choosing principle over party and that’s a very good thing. Not for the Party, but for the nation. It’s going to end with another Party and a real alternative to the two Wall Street owns and operates. They can’t die fast enough, honestly, because neither works for Main Street.

      This election, the cheating, dirty politics, certainly fraud in the primaries and more are the cause and they are being done by the party. We won’t support that. Those who do are harming the nation, very literally. They deny it, but the facts stand.

      Everyone in the Party Line only talks about beating trump and never about substance and policy and a better direction. Bernie does and is a leader. Biden has already promised big donors that “No one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change.”

      If that’s what you support, it’s your vote. Our votes are ours and we certainly owe The Party, the DNC, Biden and their supporters NOTHING. Don’t be surprised if that’s what you get. You could have backed a better candidate, a better platform, a better record and a better vision for the nation and a better chance of winning.

      Biden simply cannot beat trump without us and the Party is going to lose a couple of million more voters, making it the minority Party and winning national races a thing of the past. The DNC knows all this and has chosen this path carefully, in order to end representation of the Left and Liberal ideals.

      That has been losing ground for years and it didn’t start with Trump. We have lost ground on endless war, financial protections, race and women’s right, free and fair elections, the environment and much, much more.

      That has to stop and the Democratic Party has been part of it, so we’re leaving. Principles over Party.


    10. LINES 4 MILES LONG ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES TO VOTE, the DNC- young people didn’t turn out in the great numbers… BULLSHIT, just like in 2016, the Progressive votes WERE THROWN AWAY!


    11. I’m a lefty boomer and was Bernie all the way. I donated. I voted. I bought t-shirts, lol. Why oh why didn’t the young people come out and vote? You could have had Bernie. Now we’re all left with this dog’s dinner. 😦


      1. This is not just for you but for many of the millenial bashers on this thread. Where were the young people? Many of them work in hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies, and are braving a pandemic to save lives, to serve food, to assist in any way they can. Others are staying home because they know, although they don’t show symptoms they may be carrying a deadly virus and in our minds, our vote is not worth your life. So please redirect your disapointment.


    12. How can a majority of people who base their political views on having a candidate of Honesty, Integrity, Love and Compassion even consider one of the other 2 choices. Both are habitual liars, accused Sexual Predators and both are out of touch with a majority of the electorate that have been victims of this form of modern day slavery. Both parties have become Disgraceful representatives of We The People. The level of voter Supression and voter fraud is an expression of who both parties represent. If the DNC hasn’t learned from their mistakes of the past they will continue to make excuses and stay on the same path. Other countries used to believe we had honest and fair elections until the 2016 results were revealed and now we are the laughing stock to the world as the 20/20 election fraud has been witnessed. Our President Bernie 20/20. 🌹


  2. There is photo proof that 300,000 votes were deleted from Bernie Sanders within 2 minutes in one state, Photos taken by a friend of a delegate. Im sure we can prove it happened in all states past and future if we look at recent past live primaries and tape the future live primaries.


    1. Which state exactly was this? Curious …I know they are cheating Bernie bad it’s so enraging. ..heartbreaking really……
      #Bernie2020 #ThankYouBernie


  3. I agree. The establishment Dems act like they are entitled to our Progressive votes, but they’re not going to get mine. I’m a 73 yr. old Boomer who jumped on the Bernie wagon in 2015, but when he got screwed by the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and the MSM, I lost any trust I might have had in the Democratic Party. This time around it’s even worse with more reports of election fraud and rampant voter suppression in minority neighborhoods, and the MSM has been relentless in their smear campaign against him. If Biden is the best the Dems can come up with this time around, there is no point in voting for him. He is Hillary 2.0, and I refused to vote for her in 2016. Jill Stein was a better candidate than Trump and Clinton, so my conscience said to vote for her. It’s like Jimmy Dore says, there is really only one political party in this country, not two — they both have the same donors so the general public will never get a break until that corruption is eliminated or they allow a third party to become viable.


    1. So, are you just going to vote against Trump and Biden and lose all hope of at least some progress? I don’t support Biden either, but I’m not about to waste my vote and put Trump in office again. That’s what will happen if we don’t get out in masses and vote Democratic. I do believe we need more parties, and a system more like that in Canada, which formed it’s government based on a combination of British and US government.

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      1. If allowing Trump to win to remain principled and send a message to the crooked thieving Democratic Party then sadly that is what must be done…this is the choice the Democratic Party and it’s media and it’s extremely poorly informed sheep voters left us. I won’t be rewarding the Democrats for being filthy by helping elect them.


  4. The DNC had to have cheated at the polls. I hope someone whistle blows or that is proven otherwise. Biden is a grumpy old man who has lost his mind. When he did have his wits, his goal was to cut social security and to send Americans to wars that should have never happened and that had no real path to victory. The crowds at Bernie rallies were enormous compared to Biden’s. Biden has Benghazi hanging over him in the form of his son’s job in the Ukraine. Hillary coming forward talking garbage about Bernie had to have sent more voters Bernie’s way. Finally, how are the exit polls of 20 points. I DO NOT believe it.


  5. I am a “Geriatric” at 65 years old who voted for Bernie. In fact, I am part of the Progressives in an area of California that Loves Bernie. You don’t think we are disappointed?! In fact, Bernie won in California! Blame it on the Electoral College that makes me disgusted that we call our country a democracy. That went by the wayside years ago when I was the raging young person who turned my head from the politics of the country. Why didn’t you write this article BEFORE the primary? After this coronavirus that Trump brought to this country, anyone who will vote for him is nuts. I took note of how Biden “ALL OF A SUDDEN” was gaining momentum. He has said all along he was good friends with John McCain and had similar thoughts on how to run the country. So don’t blame it on the OLD PEOPLE. If you want to BLAME IT on any group, blame it on the years of the young people who have been nowhere to be found when it was time to vote or get politically active.


    1. I’m blaming it on old people that don’t vote right and an extremely corrupt Democratic Party. And Trump is a goon but he didn’t bring coronavirus here, stop being ridiculous.


  6. Look at the wide discrepancy between exit polls and the reported voting totals using easily hackable electronic voting machines (banned in many European countries). The machines were programmed against Bernie Sanders from the start.


  7. There’s another problem with the system at work here, the illogical way primaries for a national candidate are drawn out in a long, painful, unfair state by state process. I cannot understand why we don’t have one single primary day when all states vote at once. Can you imagine if we handled the general election like this, drawn out state by state, over many months? Few people even remember at this point that a lot of states have still yet to hold primaries, people in those states feel like they have no voice at this point, it’s as unfair as the electoral college.
    The lack of ranked choice voting also matters a great deal. We’ve all but forgotten now that in the beginning this wasn’t a clear Bernie vs Biden divide, there was a dizzying array of candidates to choose from, who’s voters, especially in the earlier primaries, didn’t get to fully and fairly have their voice heard. Most of the people who voted Warren or Buttigieg etc early on probably would’ve made different choices if they’d had a crystal ball that told them it would come down to Biden vs Bernie in the end. Ranked choice voting could help fix that.
    We probably aren’t going to institute ranked choice voting nationally or eliminate the electoral college anytime soon, but it is a change that is at least within the realm of possibility within the Democratic party. BUT, not if we all walk away in a huff. And believe you me, as a progressive millennial, I understand, I’m temporarily in a major huff myself. I have a bad visceral reaction at just the sight of Biden’s face right now.
    But remember what’s at stake and more importantly who’s at risk. Three months ago, out of the blue, I experienced a major cardiac event in my 30s, I barely made it to the hospital in time and nearly died on the operating table, but survived thanks to a great team of surgeons, and I survived the $300k+ worth of medical bills because I had insurance through the ACA (Obamacare). It’s not perfect, in fact it’s an awful byzantine mess, I’m still stressing over a massive balance bill that my state doesn’t allow for HMO patients. I would be FAR happier with Medicare for all and I won’t give up hope for it. But right now the ACA is a literal lifeline for millions of us with preexisting conditions, it’s all we’ve got and it’s in danger. How much longer do you really think Ruth Bader Ginsburg can hold on? We can’t afford for the Republicans to make one more SCOTUS appointment.
    So by all means, don’t give up on Bernie just yet, tune out the naysayers, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. And if we are indeed stuck with Biden, feel free to stay in a defiant huff all summer long, I know I will, but when November comes, I beg of you, please join me in holding your nose and voting under protest for the slight lesser of two evils just one more time. Don’t do it for Anderson Cooper or any other so-called “moderate”, do it for me and the millions of others who’s only access to healthcare, and therefor their lives, are on the line. It doesn’t mean giving up. During the last few years of Trump we’ve pushed the Overton window to the left, and we can keep pushing a lot further, through primary challenges (AOC 2024 anyone?) and raising voices. But for this year, please, don’t cut off your nose to spite my face.

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    1. Did you read the article? It has #demexit right in the title. We do think we should start our own party and leave the Democrats to Democrat. It seems we’re in total agreement.-Russ


  9. Two questions. Superdelegates were invented by the Dem establishment in 1982 in order to prevent an “outsider” populist from winning the nomination. So 1) who does the DNC serve if not their voters who’d want such an “outsider”? In regard to the recent primary discrepancies between exit polls and reported votes: study after study and test after test prove how unreliable electronic voting machines are. Hackers demonstrate it in front of cameras and describe it to congress every time there’s a session dedicated to the issue. So 2) ask yourself why neither party has done a bloody thing about it, even when they control both chambers. The system is gamed to favor the two-party establishment, which is why the discrepancies consistently and strongly tilt that way, against large odds. These variances between polls would be red flags at every UN-watched election around the world. But not here. In fact, our mainstream media ignores this completely. Pssst, MSNBC is owned by Comcast, due to pay a bucketload more in taxes under Sanders than under Biden.


  10. Mr. Dobular, thank you for articulating so clearly what I also feel but have difficulty expressing. At the risk of being cliche, let me just say “truer words…”


    1. This is really about the several million Independent voters that had to register as a Democrat in order to vote for Bernie Sanders. Voter Supression something that Democrats and Republicans accuse each party of and both are equally guilty of. Most of the voting fraud that took place here in California was carefully coordinated by Hillary Clinton and her connections to most of our government officials. Both parties have become so corrupt that many believe we are ready for a party that represents the 99%. 🌹


      1. If Biden won in a very natural way I might consider voting for him…but he’s a relic, he was chosen by the elites and pushed on to unsuspecting fools watching billionaire owned mainstream media. He did not win fair and square and he has no intentions of doings some of the things the majority of people want. I don’t owe him or you a damn thing. I’m upset that my candidate didn’t win but my reason for not voting for Biden has little to do with that and everything to do what I just told you. If you want the votes of progressives then help us nominate a candidate progressives are willing to vote for. Biden isn’t even close and it’s too late now.


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