Film Club: Debating Planet of the Humans

On episode 3 of the Dissident Film Club, we debate the controversial new documentary from Michael Moore, Planet of the Humans. For pretext, you can check out Keaton’s review of the film here.

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Photo: Planet of the Humans

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One thought on “Film Club: Debating Planet of the Humans”

  1. Sadly many who have sen the film dont understand that Gibbs and Moore are NOT for the green switch in any. way. On the PoH website Gibbs posts “the ONLY way to use less fossil fuels is to use less fossil fuels” .. I’ve listened to every discussion they have had after the film came out and it’s very clear Gibbs and Moore and Zehner are NOT for a switch to green energy even if it is accompanied by a lowering of consumption. In the film Zehner says there i no difference between green energy and fossil fuels. The damage the film did in misinforming about green energy is so very unneeded right now.


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