24. w/Barry Graubart – Beating the NRA and Ending Gun Violence

Barry Graubart, New York State Deputy Chapter Leader for Moms Demand Action, talks the recent shootings and how his organization has fought the NRA and won.


23. A Berning in Motown – Democratic Debate Recap

A recap of the July Democratic debates in Detroit.

22. w/Saul Brown – The History of Media and its Impact on Memory, Thought, and Culture

Saul Brown discusses his traveling lecture on the history of media, from ancient times through the present day, and how it affects our thought, memory, and culture.

21. w/Victor Tiffany – Debating Bernie or Bust 2020

Victor Tiffany, founder of Revolt Against Plutocracy and self-proclaimed ‘godfather’ of the Bernie or Bust movement, explains what’s different about his organization’s 2020 strategy and argues his case for Bernie or Bust 2020.


20. w/Meagan Day – The Centrist Means-Testing Scam and the Case for Free College

Meagan Day, contributing writer at Jacobin Magazine, reveals how means-testing is a smokescreen, and makes the case for tuition free public college.

19. w/Gabrielle Burton-Hill – Frederick Douglass’ Humanitarian Legacy, Locally and Beyond

Activist Gabrielle Burton-Hill talks plans to bring a Frederick Douglass Festival to her hometown to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the 15th amendment, as well as Douglass’ legacy on voting rights, women’s rights, literacy, and more.

18. w/Ricann Bock & Gloria Bonelli – Lights for Liberty, a Vigil for Human Rights at the Border

Activists Ricann Bock and Gloria Bonelli talk about the humanitarian crisis at the border, its implications locally and nationally, and their role in a nationwide day of action to protest the Trump administration’s border policies.

17. Democratic Debate Recap with New Polling Aftermath

New, up to date analysis of the Democratic primary debates, including new polling data released in early July.

16. w/Courtney Allen – Case Work, Social Activism, Filmmaking, Central Park 5, & More

Courtney Allen, case worker, activist, and filmmaker, joins us for a freewheeling discussion on her case work and film projects, the Central park 5, the Newburgh Four, vaccines, and more.

15. w/Russell Dobular – Sanders & Warren: A Strategy Session

Russell Dobular debates and discusses how progressives can best handle the Warren & Sanders dilemma currently taking shape in the 2020 primary.


14. w/Cristin Sauter – How Perceptions of Addiction Shape Drug Policy

Cristin Sauter, PhD in waiting at Adelphi University, talks drug policy at home and abroad, and how societal conditions and public perceptions help shape it.

13. w/Tina Piaquadio – Can Insulin Awareness Bring Medicare for All?

Tina Piaquadio is a political activist and type 1 diabetic who runs an online type 1 support group for over 30,000 people worldwide. She joins us to tell her story, talk about the current crisis of Insulin prices, and the need for Medicare for All.

12. w/Deborah Danzy & Fran Fox-Pizzonia – Planned Parenthood and Reproductive Rights in 2019

Fran Fox Pizzonia and Deborah Danzy of Planned Parenthood discuss the organization’s role in their community, and the challenges posed by the current political climate.


11. w/Dawn Wilkin & Regina Cieslak – TEAM Newburgh’s Fight Against Opioids and Addiction

Dawn Wilkin and Regina Cieslak of TEAM Newburgh discuss their efforts on the ground in the fight against addiction and opioid abuse.


10. w/Nick Brana – The Movement for a People’s Party

Nick Brana, former Bernie Sanders organizer and founding member of Our Revolution, discusses his current project as founder and national director at the Movement for a People’s Party.


09. The Warren Dilemma

On this episode we discuss Elizabeth Warren’s policy blitz, and why it creates a dilemma for progressives moving forward.


08. w/Meagan Day – Bernie 2020: A Tale of Two Town Halls

Meagan Day, contributing writer at Jacobin magazine, joins us to discuss Bernie Sanders’ Fox News’ & CNN’s Town Hall appearances, and their implications for 2020 and beyond.

07. Live Recordings from Bernie 2020 Kickoff

At the Bernie 2020 Volunteer Organizing Kickoff, local residents took the mic and explained why they’re involved in the Sanders campaign. We listen to their stories and provide commentary.


06. Biden on the Horizon, Democrats Blacklist Progressives

On this episode, we discuss the looming announcement of Joe Biden’s 2020 candidacy, as well as the Democratic establishment’s efforts to sabotage primary challengers.

05. w/Heather Mackey – “The River and The Wall” Film, Impacts of a Border Wall

Heather Mackey, star of the documentary “The River and the Wall,” joins us to discuss the film and the social and ecological impacts of a border wall.

04. w/Steven and Susan Salomone – The Sackler Lawsuits & The Opioid Crisis

Steven and Susan Salomone from Drug Crisis in Our Backyard join us to discuss the shocking details of the Sackler lawsuits, and how they became activists in the fight against opioids.

03. w/Peter Frase – Democratic Socialism, from Bernie to Brake Lights

Peter Frase, author, writer, and editor at Jacobin Magazine and Mid-Hudson DSA member, joins us to discuss plans for bringing DSA’s Brake Light Clinics to the Hudson Valley, Bernie 2020, the NY Health Act, and more!

02. A Miracle, a Mueller Report, and a Test from God

A quick personal story of a spiritual journey that took place over the weekend of the Mueller release.


01. Welcome, One and All

On the first ever episode of Due Dissidence, we introduce ourselves and our podcast, explain how we came to know each other, and muse on a range of topics.