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69. w/Asad Haider – Political Imagination and the False Pragmatism of Lesser Evil Voting

Due Dissidence · 69. w/Asad Haider – Political Imagination and The False Pragmatism of Lesser-Evil Voting

68. Biden Shuns Latinos, Liberals Shame Socialists, Our Revolution DemExits, & Other News

67. Free Birds: Why Bernie Supporters are Weighing a 3rd Party Vote

66. w/Meagan Day – Building Bernie’s Movement Post-2020 & Building Labor Power Post-Covid

65. New Evidence Supports Tara Reade, Warren Snubs the Squad, Larry Summers Joins Team Biden

Due Dissidence · 65. New Evidence Supports Tara Reade, Warren Snubs the Squad, Larry Summers Joins Team Biden

64. Hope for the Best, Expect the Apocalypse

63. New Reporting, Revelations, and Reflections on Bernie’s 2020 Defeat.

62. As Bernie 2020 Ends, #DemExit Begins. (Alyssa Milano Remains Dumb.)

61. w/Allen Howell – A Time to Strike: The Progressive Movement’s Crucial Next Move

60. As AOC Goes Mainstream and Biden Accuser Goes Public, 2020 Goes Sideways.

59. w/Zach Carter – The Coronavirus Bill: An Outrageous Bipartisan Corporate Bailout.

58. Unifying the #DemExit Forces, Coronavirus Relief Chaos, & Staying Off The Bike Paths

57. The Coronavirus & The Case for Social Democracy, Bernie vs. Biden Debate Preview, and More

56. w/Eleanor Goldfield – #BernTheDNC Protests Set for Milwaukee in Response to the 2020 Primary

55. The Dem-pire Strikes Back – Super Tuesday Recap

54. Super Tuesday Preview & Predictions, SC Recap, and More

53. w/Victor Tiffany – Bernie or Bust, Frontrunner Style: Stopping Bloomberg and the Superdelegates

52. Vegas Bernie, Vegas! Nevada Caucus Recap, plus Bloomberg’s Debate Debacle

51. w/Anis Shivani – The Spirituality of Bernie’s Movement and the Last Gasps of Neoliberalism

50. Why Centrism Can’t Win in 2020 – Debate Recap and NH Preview

49. From Iowa FTW to Iowa WTF – Caucus Recap (62% Edition)

48. No Sleep ‘Til Iowa – What’s at Stake and How to Volunteer

47. w/Kristoffer Hellén – Chalkin’ & Talkin’ Bernie in Iowa, and How to Rep Bernie on Caucus Night

46. w/Melissa Hoffmann – The Sunrise Movement Fights for Bernie 2020 and a Green New Deal

45. Warren Exits Stage Right, Abandons Progressive Movement – Debate Recap

44. Iowa Debate Preview, Gaming Out The Early States, and Ricky Gervais’ Hollywood Smackdown

43. No War With Iran. Period.

42. New Year’s Wine Cave Soiree: Debate Recap, The Importance of Iowa, 2019 Key Moments

41. Impeachment – Yay or Nay?

40. w/Justin Van Voorhis – Michael Moore Captures the Zeitgeist

39. w/Lauren Steiner – CA Primary Analysis, Convention Notes, Kamala’s Exit, and More.

38. Debate Recap, Extra Spicy: With Takes on MSNBC, Impeachment, & More.

37. Warren vs. Sanders on Med4All, Credibility, Electability, and More.

36. w/Joshua Copeland – Local Berniecrats Founder on the Need for Bottom-Up Political Revolution.

35. A Joker For Our Times – An Antihero for the 99%

34. w/Anis Shivani – What Liberals Get Wrong About Trump, and Why 2020 Looks Like a 2016 Repeat.

33. AOC Delivers for the Political Revolution, Debate Recap, and More

32. September Q&A Podcast, Plus a Word on Bernie’s Health

31. w/Nick Brana – The People’s Party’s Summer of Action, 2020 Strategies, and More

30. w/Justin Van Voorhis – Dave Chappelle, Shane Gillis, and the New Rules of Comedy


29. Party’s Over – Democratic Debate Recap

28. w/Kristoffer Hellén – California Bernin’, Trump Voters vs. Democrats, Online Discourse, & More

27. Why Bernie’s Called “Old and White” Instead of Jewish, and Other 2020 Talk

26. w/Domenica Ghanem – Ilhan Omar: Friend of the White Working Class

25. w/Brett Story – Mapping Carceral Power Across Neoliberal America

24. w/Barry Graubart – Beating the NRA and Ending Gun Violence

23. A Berning in Motown – Democratic Debate Recap

22. w/Saul Brown – The History of Media and its Impact on Memory, Thought, and Culture

21. w/Victor Tiffany – Debating Bernie or Bust 2020

20. w/Meagan Day – The Centrist Means-Testing Scam and the Case for Free College

19. w/Gabrielle Burton-Hill – Frederick Douglass’ Humanitarian Legacy, Locally and Beyond

18. w/Ricann Bock & Gloria Bonelli – Lights for Liberty, a Vigil for Human Rights at the Border

17. Democratic Debate Recap with New Polling Aftermath

16. w/Courtney Allen – Case Work, Social Activism, Filmmaking, Central Park 5, & More

15. w/Russell Dobular – Sanders & Warren: A Strategy Session

14. w/Cristin Sauter – How Perceptions of Addiction Shape Drug Policy

13. w/Tina Piaquadio – Can Insulin Awareness Bring Medicare for All?

12. w/Deborah Danzy & Fran Fox-Pizzonia – Planned Parenthood and Reproductive Rights in 2019


11. w/Dawn Wilkin & Regina Cieslak – TEAM Newburgh’s Fight Against Opioids and Addiction

10. w/Nick Brana – The Movement for a People’s Party

09. The Warren Dilemma

08. w/Meagan Day – Bernie 2020: A Tale of Two Town Halls

07. Live Recordings from Bernie 2020 Kickoff

06. Biden on the Horizon, Democrats Blacklist Progressives

05. w/Heather Mackey – “The River and The Wall” Film, Impacts of a Border Wall

04. w/Steven and Susan Salomone – The Sackler Lawsuits & The Opioid Crisis

03. w/Peter Frase – Democratic Socialism, from Bernie to Brake Lights

02. A Miracle, a Mueller Report, and a Test from God

01. Welcome, One and All